Hydraulic cylinders are your best bet when you are looking to source enormous power. Whether it is lifting the heaviest weights, powering stadium lights and movers or moving bulldozers, dump & tow trucks, nothing comes close to the work power of hydraulic cylinders.

Difference between single-acting and double-acting hydraulic cylinders

There are two kinds of cylinders – Single acting cylinder & double-acting cylinder.

The single-acting cylinder mechanism is different from its double counterpart as it only extends by pressure from a pump and consecutively retracts by the weight of the load or by a built-in spring. A double-acting cylinder primarily uses hydraulic power for extending and retracting. One of the simplest ways to distinguish between the two kinds of cylinders is by observing the number of ports. A single-acting cylinder has one port that functions as a connection with the hydraulic cylinder’s hydraulic hose fittings, whereas a double-acting cylinder has two ports, one where the hydraulic hose fittings will attach and the second one is where the “retract” hydraulic hose fittings will connect.

Advantages – Single Acting Cylinder and Double Acting Cylinder

Single-acting hydraulic cylinders are much easier to maintain as their mechanism is comparatively more straightforward. With a single line, the action of the cylinder is entirely based on that one line pressure. Although, they may have an additional spring or something to push or retract the piston rod than often they might depend on the force on end to push it back. It is best to have a simpler mechanism for equipment that needs to be sturdy and dependable.

In the case of a double-acting cylinder, due to alternating cycles of pressurized fluid to both sides of the piston, the extent and retract forces move the piston rod. This helps to gain maximum control over the movement. A control system made of a 2-, 3-, 4- way position valve will be needed to achieve the desired freedom of movement for your application.

Selecting the type of cylinder

It can be confusing to choose which kind of cylinder may be most appropriate for your needs. Consider the amount of control that you need versus what you can afford to have. If you have a heavy lifting requirement, a single hydraulic cylinder is perfect for you. If you need a dual directional control, it is best to rely on the double-acting hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder.

Choosing the right kind of acting cylinder can be tricky. It is best to discuss your requirement with experts like GO Hydraulics for guidance. Whether it is choosing a hydraulic cylinder repair or repairing hose, pump, or cylinder, their team of experts can help and guide you through it.