Hydraulic equipment is typically used to lift or move heavy objects by generating power. The systems work by using pressure on a small amount of fluid to power engines in vehicles such as hydraulic braking systems and suspension. Hydraulics are also used in forklifts to pick up prongs that lift heavy loads from the ground. NASA also uses hydraulics in space shuttles to push off the earth’s orbit.

Hydraulic systems are primarily made up of a reservoir to carry liquid and a pump to apply pressure to the moving fluid in the reservoir, converting energy into mechanical energy to generate power. Hydraulic pumps are available in many varieties such as gear pumps, piston pumps and vane pumps, each working in a different way but they all work on the same basic principle of using pressure to move fluids. The systems contain a valve that is used to operate the system and direct the motion of the fluid. The valves hold a number of simple and complex devices that are essential to be in top shape for effective operations.

The problem with hydraulic equipment is that when a component fails and the machine breaks down, there is no time to get it working again. Repairs, replacement or rebuilding equipment are the options to get the machine in working condition again but which one is best for you? Companies prefer to rebuild the equipment rather than purchase new components or have them repaired. But what does rebuilding entail? Why is it more popular? How can you make an informed decision next time you face hydraulic failure?

Hydraulic Rebuild

Rebuilding means reconditioning used equipment for further use. In expert hands, equipment can restore a piece to exact specifications that can often exceed the quality of a brand new machine. Rebuilding is different from repairing a machine. It is not about mending a part that is not functioning in peak condition. Rebuilding requires disassembling the equipment so each component can be carefully inspected for wear and tear. Parts are replaced or reconditioned as required, reassembled and put through rigorous testing to make sure they offer quality performance.

Why is Rebuilding Popular?

Rebuilding is less expensive than purchasing a new part and costs about half the price of new components. Repairs may be cheaper as a short-term solution but there is no guarantee of high performance. There is the danger of the equipment breaking down repeatedly. For long-term, highly-quality performance after equipment failure, rebuilding is a more cost-effective option.

Rebuilt equipment offers high value because it goes through a stringent process of replacement of seals, bearings, scrutiny of individual parts for long-term effectiveness, replacing parts that are badly damaged and restoring components so the motor is good as new. Rebuilding increases the lifespan of the pump or motor but at half the price.

Economical and Eco-Friendly

When it comes down to time consumption, rebuilding pays off better. Components such as cylinders or motors can be refurbished instantly. Rebuilding takes less time to reconstruct because replacement parts are easier to find than manufacturing components. Long wait for the machine parts means longer the machine is in unusable condition. This brings down production costs and downtime for employees. From every angle, rebuilding is a more practical not only because it is economical but also because it is environmentally friendly because the energy required for rebuilding is significantly lower than constructing a new hydraulic motor.

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